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Are you gambling with your money? Most people trading cryptocurrencies are using charts, buy to hold strategies or simply guess where the price will go. Although you can make money this way, you’ll never know where the price will go.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that lists all profitable trades between exchanges for you? No more gambling or guessing. These profitable trades are everywhere. But it takes a lot of time and effort to find these profitable trades on your own. Especially if you do it manually.

Find profitable trades within seconds

DinoTrader has developed a trading tool to find all profitable trades in cryptocurrency between exchanges. No more spending hours in order books to find a possible trade. With DinoTrader you get a complete list of all possible trades and bids in a few seconds.

There are a lot of markets. It’s almost impossible to manually find any profitable trades between different exchanges with thousands of coins.

DinoTrader will find a profitable trade with just a few clicks:

Step 1: Select the exchanges you want to trade between

Step 2: Select your minimum and maximum profit in %

Step 3: Select the opportunity type

Highest bid > lowest ask will give you all profitable trades you can make right away. That means you can buy cryptocurrency X on exchange A and sell it on exchange B with profit.

dinotrader opportunities

The lowest ask is marked green. The highest bid is marked red.  DinoTrader already calculated 0.2% order fees for making the buy and sell orders. But do note that fees for sending coins from one exchange to another are not included.

If you use the Highest bid > lowest bid opportunity you will see the following result:

In this case, opportunities are found based on buy orders. The lowest bids are marked green. The highest bids are marked red.

When you find a profitable trade you can click on the listed exchange to open the order books of the specific coin:

DinoTrader open orders

This way you can check the correct order books right away and saves you a lot of time.

Real examples


 Example 1:

In this example, we used DinoTrader to find a profitable trade between exchange A and exchange B. DinoTrader found a profitable trade (+8%) for Komodo (KMD).

145 Komodo was bought for 0.00029000 BTC each. In this case, the buy order took place at two different timeframes.


After 34 minutes all Komodo coins were sold for 0.00031642 BTC at exchange B:

This trade made a profit of  (29000 / 31642 ) ~ 8.4%. Notice that only 144.98 Komodo was sold. The cost to transfer KMD from A to B was 0.02 KMD.


 Example 2:

In this example we used DinoTrader to buy gold coins (GLD) on exchange A:

The price ranges from 0.00004350 – 0.00004150 BTC. In total 1100 gold coins were purchased. These coins were sold for 0.00004800 and 0.00005000 BTC on Exchange B:

This trade made a profit of  ( 4350 / 4800 ) ~ 10%


 Example 3:

Longer timeframe with an unexpected 15% extra profit. We used DinoTrader to find a profitable trade. A profitable trade was found for the Safex coin (+5.28%)

In this example 1000 safex coins are bought for 0.00000475 BTC:

After making the withdrawal to exchange B the buy orders (bids) on exchange B were already gone. It took too long to transfer the coins from exchange A to B. Although the buy orders were gone we still made a decent profit.

In this case, a sell order was placed for 0.00000596 BTC on exchange B. The next day this sell order was filled:

This trade made a profit of ~ 20% (475 / 596). So even when you buy a coin but cannot sell because the buy orders are gone, you can still make a decent profit. But this profit can only be made if you read the charts and order books correctly. We started this trade to make a 5%+ profit but ended with a solid 20% profit.

These are just three of many profitable trade examples. There are hundreds of opportunities everyday. Keep in mind that DinoTrader only finds the profitable trades for you. You need to know how to read order books or charts to make profitable trades. DinoTrader does not give you advice on how you should make a trade but only provides the data.

What should you use DinoTrader for:

  • Finding profitable trades within seconds between hundreds of coins and multiple exchanges
  • Spend your time making the trade instead of finding one
  • Making profitable bids below market prices
  • Learn different markets and exchanges
  • Community-based tool, profit from knowledgeable trades made in the past

DinoTrader is not:

  • “Making you rich quick” tool
  • Providing 100% guaranteed profits

Trading with caution

Trading cryptocurrencies can be very profitable. DinoTrader makes finding profitable trades easy. But with every trade you make there are risks involved. Although this tool finds the most profitable trades, the amount of risk depends on the person making the trade.

If you do not know how to read an order book correctly, then making profitable trades will be difficult. Even with the DinoTrader trading tool. We do not want you to lose money.  Therefore we are giving you specific information on how to use this tool in the most profitable way.

Manage your accounts

The most important thing is to manage your accounts. Not only your financial accounts but also your trading accounts. The first rule in trading is to only use the money you can afford to lose.

To get the most profit from using this tool you should have a balance (in BTC) on all exchanges you would like to use. If the tool spots a profitable trade, you want to trade as quickly as possible. Transferring balance from your local wallet to an exchange takes too long. Always use 2-factor authentication on your exchange accounts.

Reading the order books

Reading the order books correctly is a big part of being a trader. If you do not know how to read an order book you will likely lose money. You should always manually check the order books before making a trade between exchanges using DinoTrader.

Other things you should take in consideration before making a trade:

  • Confirmation times
  • Trustworthiness of exchanges and coins
  • Try before you die
  • Your emotions

Confirmation times

Confirmation times are used to confirm transactions on the blockchain. For example, Bitcoin is using 2-6 confirmations on most exchanges. That means that after 2-6 confirmations your bitcoins are available for use.

Some coins have a high amount of confirmations. These conformations depend on the exchange you want to use. DinoTrader will give you information about the total confirmations needed if available:

Do note that confirmation times do not always represent the same timeframe. For example, a coin with 20 confirmations might be slower than a coin with 200 confirmations. But from our experience, the lower confirmations, the faster the coins arrive in your exchange wallet.

Trustworthiness of exchanges and coins

DinoTrader only finds the best opportunities for you to trade. Some coins might be a scam. You should only trade with coins and exchanges you are comfortable with.

Try before you die

You should never put all your money in one trade. Make small trades first to check how long it takes to transfer the coins. If you are comfortable you can make larger trades.

Your emotions

Not all trades will be successful. Markets will go up and down. But as example 3 showed, you can still make a profit.

DinoTrader is temporarily Free of charge

The beta version of DinoTrader is currently free of charge. From 1 October 2017 DinoTrader will be exclusively available for a maximum of five users at the same time. There will be a maximum of five slots per hour. If you want exclusive access you can reserve all five slots.

Each slot will cost 0.005 BTC / hour (regardless of the BTC/USD/EUR price). You can reserve your spot in our calendar below (available at 1 Oct 2017).

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Questions and answers

Why does DinoTrader work?

DinoTrader works because trading between exchanges is fairly untouched. Trading scripts do not work between exchanges. That leaves a lot of opportunities wide open. DinoTrader finds hundreds of opportunities every day.

Why are you selling this tool if it is profitable?

Everyday there are hundreds of opportunities. There are simply too much to check them all. Besides that, trading can take a lot of time.

I’m new to cryptocurrency trading, should I use DinoTrader?

No, you should not use DinoTrader when you are a beginner at trading. You should know how to read charts and order books. The profitability of DinoTrader depends on the trader, not the tool.

Why will DinoTrader only be available for a maximum of 5 users?

Starting from 1 Oct 2017 DinoTrader will be available for a maximum of 5 users at the same time. All opportunities found are live. That means hundreds of users might look at the same opportunities. Since only one person can actually make the trade, many people may miss the opportunity.

When only five people have exclusive access to DinoTrader at any given point in time, we ensure that there are enough opportunities without people looking at the same trades. This way DinoTrader is much more effective and profitable for you.

Will there be a free version of DinoTrader?

Yes, there will be a free version of DinoTrader. More info on the free version will be available soon!

If you have any questions please join our official discord channel and we will answer your question as soon as possible!

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