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    CS912 Platinum wire electrode(Pt wire counter electrode) is used as the counter electrode (auxiliary electrode).
    The drawing of the platinum wire counter electrode (φ0.5*37mm) is as follows:
    The purity of the Pt is 99.99%.The diameter of the Pt wire can be tailored to beφ1mm.
    Pt wire counter electrode is often used with our CS941 cell stand (as follows) for experiments on electrochemical analysis. In CS941 cell stand, we provide two pieces of 30mL cells for free. There are three holes on the Teflon cap for WE, RE, and CE.
    The Platinum wire electrode can also be used with below 10mL cell. Because the diameter of the holes on the cap is about 6mm, small electrodes are suitable such as Pt wire counter electrode, glassy carbon electrode, Ag AgCl electrode.
    We can also supply platinum plate electrode, platinum mesh electrode, Pt pole electrode, graphite electrode etc. cheap Counter Electrode

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